Product Concepts

These are some common options for App uses, there are many other potential ways Apps can be created and customised to your needs inexpensively. Get in touch to discuss further via Contact Us.

Estate Agency

  • Suggest properties to clients.
  • Showcase properties with image galleries and video content.
  • Book appointments without calls and emails.
  • Provide location-based property suggestions to potential buyers using your app and get GPS directions.

Radio Station

  • Online Streaming and Playlists.
  • Custom DJ profiles.
  • Simple engagement with listeners to take requests and general communication.

Medical Center / Doctors / Healthcare

  • Manage appointments and receive online bookings.
  • Share content, articles, images, videos.
  • Simple engagement with listeners to take requests and general communication.
  • Send push reminders to patients about an upcoming appointment.

Charity / Non-Profit Organisation

  • Share multimedia content about the cause, to educate or inform.
  • Increase awareness and attendance to events.
  • Receive donations and raise funding.
  • Profiles of pets or specific needs for donation.

Geo-Directory / Stores List for Shopping Centers / Tourist Guide

  • Create a custom directory with GPS locations.
  • Search by keywords, category or distance.
  • Users may add to a favorites list.
  • Advertise specials and events.
  • Own Center Loyalty Program.

Health and Fitness / Sports Club / Education Facility

  • Notify students of class times they subscribe to.
  • Share class schedules and events.
  • Share tips, articles, pictures and video content.
  • Link into social media platforms.

Restaurants / Coffee Shops

  • Notify customers of offers vouchers and specials.
  • Create and maintain a menu of products.
  • Share pictures and video content to entice the appetite.
  • Provide bookings and reservation option.
  • Loyalty program.